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About P & F Meats

Looking for a gourmet butcher, providing top quality meats and custom cuts?

Well you need to look no further than P & F Meat Products Ltd. Located at 10768 Woodbine Avenue in Markham. It all started in 1972 when Frank Carvelli and Paul Gallucci opened their first retail shop. The modest 500 square foot store served neighbouring residents whose demand for their fresh and highly regarded products multiplied exponentially in the early years.

Today the business has grown into a successful wholesale and retail outlet run by Frank's sons Guy & Tom Carvelli. The wholesale division gives them the advantage of providing better prices to their retail clients. However, what customers value even more than the prices are the quality and selection of meats as well as the custom cuts and personal service they receive.

Traditional products offered include Triple AAA steaks, chops, roasts and grain fed chicken. They also have an array of oven ready, seasoned and marinated meats such as sundried tomato and feta stuffed pork chops or their Thai marinated chicken, all convenient and delectable meal options for those with a busy lifestyle. Guy and Tom Have recently added a variety of healthier and more natural products such as sausages and burgers that contain no fillers additives or preservatives. Their naturally smoked Salmon, Hams, Chicken and Turkey breast have been touted as some of the best their clients have ever tasted.

Our Other products

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We're open all year round.

Our Poultry is Ontario Grain fed, free range, Mennonite raised, growth hormone and antibiotic free.

Other Growth Hormone, Antibiotic Free Products:

Variety of perfectly aged top quality beef.
Fresh Pork
Ontario Lamb and Turkey
All Natural Sausages & Burgers which are free of any Nitrites, preservatives, and artificial colours
Many Gluten free sausages available

We carry farm fresh eggs

Naturally smoked hams, bacon, turkey, chicken, various flavours of pre-marinated chicken.
Many oven ready meals to choose from.